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Kari Gray

Pediatric Sleep Consultant

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Hello! My name is Kari. Thank you for taking time out of your busy schedule to visit my website. I have a love for children, especially babies, which started at a very young age. I went to nursing school with the intention I would go into Pediatrics but I loved all things of nursing so I stayed at my first job with adults on the Organ Transplant Unit. I held different jobs in nursing through the years but also always babysit or had a nanny job too. And I still babysit today!

I feel like I’ve been looking for the perfect job to work with babies and children my whole life. And I’ve finally found it as a Pediatric Sleep Consultant! My son was born in July 2016 and I thought I knew everything about babies. Man was I wrong! So wrong I even admitted it and that never happens! After many excuses and many many sleepless nights, we reached out to a Pediatric Sleep Consultant when he was 3 years old. Within 2 months, he was sleeping through the night, with no early morning wakings, still to this day! At the time, it seemed like a lot of money, but being where we are now, I would have paid double. And my only regret in the whole picture is not doing it sooner! I appreciated it so much I decided to be trained to help others experience the same success we had!

I promise you are NOT a bad parent! It’s not embarrassing that your child has sleep issues, many children do. We have a tendency to let them run the show, and really with a little guidance from us as parents, they can and will do it successfully!

You do NOT have to do this alone. Let me help!

Are you ready to establish a good routine with your child?

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