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Kari Gray · July 13, 2021

Hello! My name is Kari.

Kari Gray Pediatric Sleep Consultant

I am a Certified Pediatric Sleep Consultant and the founder of Rest Assured Sleep Solutions. My goal is to share knowledge of pediatric sleep to help you and your family create a lifetime of good sleep habits and routines. Along this journey I will share many real life experiences and mistakes that I learned from. First up? How I became a sleep consultant in the first place.

I thought I knew everything about having kids, but once it was time for me to parent my newborn son, I found that I actually knew nothing - or at least felt I knew nothing. My son gave us sleep challenges and woke up every night for the first 3 years of his life. Yes, you read that right. Three. Years.

A mantra I adopted early in motherhood was “survival of the fittest.” I never knew if what I was doing was "right," but I did what I thought I needed to do. No one was there to tell me otherwise, so we created bad habits. These bad habits - like a lack of routine - snowballed into three years of no one in our house getting any sleep! We should have been enjoying so many moments, but we were exhausted and miserable instead. Can you relate?

I swallowed my pride, and my husband and I hired a pediatric sleep consultant to help our wonderful child learn how to fall asleep - and stay asleep - independently. Within a few weeks, my son was sleeping through the night, in his own bed, for 11 hours, every night. And it's been that way for almost two years! I couldn’t believe it had taken us that long to fly our white flag, but once we realized we couldn’t do it on our own, everything changed.

I realized this was my calling: to help other exhausted moms get the same success that we had, and enjoy the rest that they deserve.

Kari Gray Family

If you’re here, chances are high that you’ve been desperate for a sleep solution for your child.

I know the feeling: I was in your shoes many years ago when I was desperate for relief from too many sleepless nights.

Following our own success as clients of sleep consulting, I knew I could help provide the same long-term relief to other families. In addition to being a mom and Certified Pediatric Sleep Consultant, I’ve been a registered and practicing nurse for over 12 years. My coaching and sleep plans are research-based and experience-tested, as over 55 happy and well-rested families can attest. I have sleep plans for newborns, babies, toddlers, school-aged children, and expecting mamas.

It's not magic, but it's close:

  • I begin with having the parents fill out a detailed questionnaire of their child’s sleep habits. You explain to me bedtime, nap... the entire 24 hour assessment of your child.
  • With that information, I customize your wonderful child’s sleep plan with what they are doing and what they should be doing based on what is appropriate for their age.
  • Then we have a consultation phone call to walk through every step of the plan so you know EXACTLY what to do.

And that’s not all! We implement the plan for the discussed time frame together, as we are in daily contact, assessing the sleep log and phone calls to discuss progress and further changes. Within weeks, my clients learn to consistently sleep through the night and wake at an appropriate time! Helping over 55 families achieve their sleep goals motivates me to help even more.

At the time, hiring a consultant seemed like a lot of money, but considering where we are now, it was worth much more. My only regret is not asking for help sooner. I can’t wait to help you achieve success in a sleeping child and watch your confidence grow as a parent. Let me help you get your whole family the sleep you deserve!


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Kari Gray

Certified Pediatric Sleep Consultant helping good parents become confident parents