Having a Newborn is Hard

Kari Gray · July 13, 2021
Mommas Deserve Sleep

Mom deserves a shower.

Mom deserves a warm meal.

Mom deserves to pee alone.

Any other moms struggle with these 3 simple ADLs? (For my non-medical friends, ADL stands for Activities of Daily Living)

Having a newborn is H A R D.

When you bring a new baby home, there are so many questions about feeding, sleeping, crying and we never really know the answer.

Yes, adjusting to life with a newborn can be exhausting and challenging, but it does NOT have to be 3 months of struggles and suffering like it was in my experience. I didn’t know what to feed my son, when he should sleep, or if it was okay for him to lay down awake even though his little voice was making some noise. To me, every noise was a cry that meant he needed to be held!

I could go on and on, and on and on, with the list of things I did wrong. But what’s important is that I learned how to manage all those struggles of being a new parent. And now I’m passionate about sharing it with you! I don’t want ANYONE to feel those struggles we did. I want EVERYONE to enjoy all those early phases of parenthood; they go quickly and you never get them back!

One of the magic questions people ask is, "At what age do you sleep train a baby?"

I did not know the answer until I trained to be a Certified Pediatric Sleep Consultant, and the answer was surprising.

Here are some surprising facts I did not know:
  • Babies are metabolically able to sleep through the night around 13 lbs
  • Babies are only supposed to be awake for 45 minutes at a time
  • Babies are able to put themselves asleep if you lay them down awake

Is any of this information unexpected?

Here is the most shocking…

You actually start sleep training from day one!! I even enroll pregnant mommas before the baby arrives!

We don't necessarily call it "sleep training" that young, but we implement good habits and routines from the very beginning that will last a lifetime.

In my Pregnancy & Newborn Sleep Program, I work with parents until the babies are around 12 weeks old and we work through implementing the good habits and routines to get that baby sleeping independently as soon as possible. When your baby is older than 12 weeks, we start right in with the Baby Program.

Yes, you will be tired adjusting to being a mom, but my goal is to prevent the miserable exhaustion that I went through. I want you to enjoy every moment with that bundle of joy.

Newborn yawning

A well rested mom is a happy mom. My newborn clients are proof that you can ENJOY all the early days of motherhood and you don't need to live in a stage of pure exhaustion. Teach your baby to be an independent sleeper at an early age, and the benefits will be a lifetime of good sleep for everyone.

If you have a newborn, reach out and schedule a free call with me to discuss getting your baby on the right track before the bad habits and sleep challenges even have a chance of starting. Once your wonderful baby is enrolled in their program,I will support you during the challenging newborn phase and watch your baby grow!

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